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Sunrise over Lake Van

1h 33min | France | Armenie
Director Artak Igityan

The main character is an 80-year-old Garabed, whose mother miraculously survived the 1915 Armenian Genocide. He tries to preserve the memory of the lost Motherland in his Americanized offspring. That's how he can save the family from mutual alienation and rift. Garabed himself believes it is his duty to publicly burn the Turkish flag in front of the Turkish Embassy every year on April 24. This is the only form of protest accessible to him. Such stunts irritate Garabed's son Dikran, who has to pay fines for his father, and bring up total disagreement with his 17-year-old grandson, who is even in love with his female classmate of Turkish origin studying in the USA. Garabed's stubborn and uncompromising character is costly for his family.

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